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These are the sociological observations made by the poet Damian Beeson Bullen, of the Lancashire town of Burnley. With these ten thousand words I hope to provide an accurate & upstanding lifemap for the benefit of Humanity. To the spirit, construction & a great deal of the content, I follow in the footsteps of the learned Thiruvalluvar, a Tamil poet of the 1st century AD. He, in turn, had assimilated many streams of ancyent thought into a singular river of literature, to nourish Humanity at the roots with droplets of embettering wisdom.

This is not a text to study incessantly, nor practise assiduously, but it is my belief that if every person on Earth were to take to heart just a single kural, this planet we all share would evolve a better place. In the words of Machiavelli;

“The gulf between how one should live & how one does live is so wide that a man who neglects what is actually done for what should be done learns the way to self-destruction rather than self-preservation.”





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Universe -/- Creation


As ‘A’ initiates alphabets
Divinity begins existence

Stupendous Universe fortuitously springs
From unknown things

Despite effervescent spherical millions
Galaxies spiral insignificantly

Following countless, apocalyptical collisions
Boulders become worlds


Suppose planets navigating metaverses
Termites tickling islands

Ten billion, trillion terrenes
Wander uneventful Space

Are Humans all alone?
Probability begs otherwise


Globes orbiting solar suzerains
Volcanic precambrianity ignite

Ignean gasses cool, liquify
Forming shoreless oceans

Continental tectonica crush deistic
Peaks piercing pelagia

From Oceanity’s deepest trenches
Life first upsprang


Chemical principles manufacturing movement
Coagulate swarming bio-spheres

Across scatter’d multicell’d Eukaryotes
Exoskeletons steadily harden

External bones internally drawn
Support glorious organs

Evolution -/- Existence


From evolution to extinction
Life just is

Memories of mutating species
Deliver’d via DNA

As fins radiate footprints
Limbs morph wing-like

Transfering treasurable, galumphing genes
Life’s primal purpose


Humanity’s alternative erectile hominids
Outfought, outhought, extinct!

Beyond Africa’s aborigenal hatchery
Neanderthal genomes meander

Three billion solar revolutions
Protoplasma scientists became


Breathing’s fragile, unasthmatic experience
Never appreciate mundanely

Welcome life’s chancey game
Every possibility possible

Living orders no rehearsals
Performances every day

Venerate life’s potent mixture;
Ambition, talent, chance


Even little lives experience
Triumphs & disasters

Lost in petty details
Fritters life away

Daily deeds determine destinies
Merriness or miseries

Moon -/- Rain


Solar winds’ scavenging ions
Scathes planets barren

Molten, golden planetary cores
Lunar movements churn

Sailing radioactive geodynamic fluctuations
Electricize magnetic fields

As magnetosphere shields ozone
Ozone cradles nature


Moons influence intracellular fluids
Releasing intravenus neuro-chemicals

Flying birds, buzzing bumblebees
Guided by magnetism

Lunar cycles consistently revolving
Foster female fertility


Welkin shatters, raindrops shard
Heaven nurtures Earth

Rain falls, rivers flow,
Oceans dissipate, perpetuously

Rain’s continuance sustains existence
Life’s vital ambrosia

When clouds diminish shyly
Drowthy grasses fail


Altho’ oceanwater surrounds us
Rainless nations starve

If pluvial nests emptied
Farmer’s ploughs cease

When Heaven retains rain
Charity abandons Earth

Ecologism -/- Corporeality


While Divinity dominates Heaven
Mother Nature bedrocks

Chief among human philosophies
Enviromentalism’s impact studies

Oceanic deadzones, deteriorating ozones,
Deforestation, plastification… DEATH!

Even tiniest efforts help
Protecting precious planets


When one species falls
Another starts tottering

For every tree dismembered
Plant identical saplings

Onto uninhabited, bionetworked islands
Transplant endangered species


Universal desire’s implanted seeds
Releases unceasing creatures

Birth, ageing, sickness, death;
Every human’s quota

Without cleaning our mouths
Food tastes sour

Bodies emit stenches incessantly
Nourishment’s endless phospherence


Despite nine excremental orifices
Bodies still admired

Flesh, fat, skin, bones
Sinew, bowels – beauty?

Upending bodies inside out
Equalizes everybody’s appearance

Food -/- Diet


Never cook succulent sauce
Before catching calamari

Tho’ roses may enrapture
Bread maintains life

Persistence hunting slippery prey
Claims delicious suppers

Better one beautiful apple
Before rotten basketfuls


Kitchens of bickering cooks
Curdle simmering soups

Foodstuffs, by themselves unyummy,
Scrumptious upon amalgametion

Dogs ken secret places
Tasty titbits toss’d


Healthy nourishment prevents disease
Cardiovasculoss, diabetica, cancerity

Slow, certain ingestible poisons
Tobacco, alcohol, cholesterol

Balanced nutrients prevent disease;
Fruits, vegetables, grains

Happy hearts seldom entertain
Fats, oils, intoxicants


Measured & moderate dinnertimes
Allures luxurious longevity

Sustenance neglection stretches stomachs
Creating countless maladies

Cherishable life’s ugliest hallmark
Gluttony’s perishing obesity

Vegetarianism -/- Health


Eating flesh fattens flesh
Compassion, however, inabsentia

Assemblies relishing fleshy ingestion
Resemble bloodthirsty lynch-mobs

Stomachs reared by roots
Rebuff admonishable bloodsport

Bellies consuming fellow animals
Flesh-stripping crematoriums become


Humanity promotes unnatural appetites
Forsaking frugivorous inheritance

Casseroled vegetarianism easily appeases
Mankind’s sauciest appetites

Birds, fish, beasts, bugs
Applaud vegan banquets


Humanity’s happiest, healthiest hearts
Exercise daily energetically

Want of sweaty work-outs
Rusts one’s beauty

Loving liver, laughter, lungs
Luxuriates longer lifetimes

What use vigorous minds
Without robust bodies


Therapeuteans prefer sickness prevention
Before curing affliction

Never dismiss painful symptoms
Nature’s warning system

Learned physicians’ determine carefully;
Malady, remedy, convalescence

Youth -/- Fate


Gallivanting thro’ ephemeral youth
Ages us unagreeably

Life more sedate marathon
Than blustering sprint

Choices made when young
Accompany us always

Rejecting education through childhood
Ensures embarrassing adulthood


Life’s first mental fever
Youth’s unceasing intoxication

Stances, glances, chances, dances:
Epitomise juvenile romances

As saplings bend undamaged
Durable youth rejuvenates


Today it is me
But tomorrow, you

Despite studying polished treatises
Fate sways minds

To realize one’s destiny
Life’s singular obligation

Ordinary billions offer’d opportunities
Handfuls barely realize


When following predestin’d paths
Recognize significant omens

Interfering with others’ destinies
Destroys your own

Twyx indolence & industry
Fate’s pendulum swings

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